kitchen table math, the sequel: explanation, please

Saturday, April 24, 2010

explanation, please


How exactly does a publisher arrive at this figure?

I would like to know.


Daniel Ethier said...

At least they offer free shipping!

jtidwell said...

This book is bizarre. I can't find it anywhere except Amazon, not even on its publisher's site -- my guess is that it's long out of print, and hard to find.

The charts and tables in the book aren't printed cleanly, and the binding looks almost handmade:

At least you can read some of the book there. :-)

Niels Henrik Abel said...

Equally interesting are the four new ones starting at $905, whereas the three used ones start much higher at $2046.26 (to the penny!). Are we to suppose that someone's marginal notes cause such an increase in the value of the product?

Niels Henrik Abel said...

Evidently the publisher is an academic imprint. The tome is nearly two thousand pages long.

It's indicated as being available 7/22/04, so it's not exactly hot off the press. I guess if you were waiting for it to come out it paperback, you're out of luck.

SusanG said...

He's a UK whole language guru so if the cost of the book means it never gets sold that's a good thing!

Lisa said...

I just thought they were poor at arithmetic and misplaced the decimal. $16.75 sounds about right.

ElizabethB said...

Well, that makes sense.

Whole language book, looking at the number as a whole, not concerned with exact numbers or anything, what's a few zero's here or there.