kitchen table math, the sequel: I'm going to msmi

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm going to msmi

I've finally got my reservations made!


I hope some of you can come -- I'd love to put faces to names after all this time.


Catherine Johnson said...

It's funny. I've been thinking I desperately need a vacation (last vacation was in January 2009) -- and apparently this is going to be IT!

TerriW said...


I won't be able to make the meetings themselves .... but I live just a few minutes outside of St. Paul. I'd love a get together of some sort -- (Hopefully one that I could get to but still be home around 8pm, due to the small children in my home... Yeah, sorry, I'm *that* lame person. Heh.)

(I could possibly even be talked into hosting a ktm dinner at my house, if there were such a need.)

Allison said...

Well, I haven't managed to have my kids go to bed without me present in the room I don't know how many months now, and judging by the current time, haven't managed before 9 once in the last month, either. So I do understand.

I will have one dinner with Wu, where KTMers and a few other folks from the schools are invited, probably that Monday night. Say 6 pm ish, and it'll be summer, so it'll be bright til after 9. Terri, or anyone else interested who I've not already heard from, drop me an email at and i'll put your name and contact info on my lists to make sure you're invited.

If anyone else wants to throw some other event, just remember everyone will have homework every night! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow -- I wish I could get a few teachers to go from here. But as there doesn't look to be any emphasis on collaborative learning techniques, I doubt they'll be interested.

Allison said...


Feel free to stress that this is a *content* course, not a pedagogy course, and that makes it open to all classroom learning styles or curricula. So if a teacher wishes to spend time adapting this to a collaborative learning style, it will still improve their teaching.

Another way to emphasize the same thing is to say Wu isn't suggesting he knows more about pedagogy than classroom teachers do: he will teach the math, and then the teachers can adapt it as they wish. It's the content that they've been denied, not pedagogical theory.