kitchen table math, the sequel: pop quiz, part 4

Saturday, April 17, 2010

pop quiz, part 4


I didn't do very well.


Niels Henrik Abel said...

Their answer to question 29, "Any number to the power of zero is equal to what value?" is incorrect. Zero to the power of zero is indeterminate, not 1.

Crimson Wife said...

I use the "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?" game questions when playing Trivial Pursuit with my 7 y.o. Doing that actually makes for a fair game as she knows about as many of those answers as I know of the TP answers.

Anonymous said...

And yet ... even for these hypothetical 5th graders (or lower), how many of them would retain the answers two years after they had to take their test? My guess is that "none" is a pretty close approximation to the actual answer.

Remind me again why we have designed a school system/culture that encourages memorizing just long enough to pass a test and then forgetting almost everything within weeks/months?

-Mark Roulo

Liz Ditz said...

I dislike this sort of scatter-shot fact tests, even though I often do well on them.

As a game in the car or other conveyance, however, they can be an amusing way to pass the time.

Catherine Johnson said...

I love scattershot fact tests!

Mark - there's a terrific book called "Permission to Forget" I keep planning to write some posts about.

I also plan to actually read it one of these days...

Anonymous said...

"I love scattershot fact tests!"

I can enjoy them, too.

But I didn't design my child's homeschooling curriculum around them :-)

-Mark Roulo

rocky said...

I would like to give Charlie Crist and the Florida Legislature an Algebra II final exam to see if they should keep their High School diplomas.

Senate Bill 4

But it wouldn't work. They would cut our pay until we found a way to make them all pass.