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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lynn G - more on public school expulsions

I just got a call last night from another parent looking for some school that will take her son. He's been kicked out of the regular public school for discipline issues. He comes from a great family (mom was big in the PTO a few years back). The public school couldn't care less -- kick him out and tutor is fine by them. I told her to try the Big Picture school, which also has great success with kids tossed out of public school.

There isn't a KIPP in the area to recommend, or I would have. My anecdotal experience is that the Charters and Magnets are where the suburbs ditch their trouble makers.
That's my experience too, here in Westchester. Except we don't have any charters and we've lost the one magnet school we had. (If there are other magnets here in Westchester, let me know.)

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