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Monday, July 26, 2010


The National Honor Society, for top high school students, says that 64 percent of its members are girls. The Center on Education Policy cites data showing that boys lag girls in reading in every American state.


At the very top, boys more than hold their own: 62 percent of kids who earn perfect 2,400 scores on the S.A.T. are boys.

Don’t Write Off Men Just Yet
Published: July 21, 2010


momof4 said...

It is my understanding that the NHS is no longer based strictly on academics, but considers other factors, including community service.

Crimson Wife said...

NHS also requires a nomination from teachers. I was a good little worker bee in high school and got nominated for NHS. My brother was equally as bright (exact same IQ score and his SAT score was within 10 pts. of mine) but refused to do anything he considered "busywork". He met the GPA criteria of our school's chapter but no teacher nomination was forthcoming.