kitchen table math, the sequel: trigonometry will cost you extra

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

trigonometry will cost you extra

more from lgm:
Freedom of choice though, means that families could afford accredited correspondence or on-line classes, as they have to do in areas like mine where the district charges extra for classes such as trigonometry.
from Bostonian:
Really, trigonometry is not one of the standard offerings in high school? Parents must pay extra for trig -- how does that work?
from lgm:
The student has his choice of dual enrolling with the community college or using a provider of his choice or independent study. If there are enough interested students and an available room, the community college class will be held at the high school during normal school hours. Should the student take a course independent study, the district will pay a teacher a stipend to supervise...[the] grapevine is saying $5K per student, but I need to confirm that officially. The supervisor only proctors tests. If the student takes the course from an accredited provider, he pays the provider and the credit will transfer into his transcript provided he hasn't gone over the 6.5 transfer-in credits allowed by the state AND the principal approves the transfer.

Note: the only way to take high school math courses at the honors level is through an outside provider as the district offers no honors math courses.

As the high school principal here pointed out to me last year, "We're not required to offer Honors courses."


Lisa Powell-Sabinske said...

And I thought our local schools were bad!

Catherine Johnson said...

I'm with you --- lgm's stories are the ultimate case of "always worse than you think."