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Friday, August 27, 2010

help desk - Blue Book

I can't do problem number 20 on page 401 in the Blue Book. At least not so far.

If you have the book, can you post the solution in the comments threat? I need the solution, not the answer: I have the answer. Have not yet tried to reverse engineer from the answer to the solution. That's next.

I'll scan the problem and post later on.


update - 10:33

solution here

The Official SAT Study Guide


Catherine Johnson said...

It's interesting, watching our progress. For SAT non-aficionados, in the math sections the problems are ordered from easy to hard, levels 1 - 5.

This problem, number 19, is level 5 and C. and I are both flummoxed. As a matter of fact, this is the most flummoxed I've ever been by an SAT math problem.

Meanwhile, problem 19, also level 5, took about 5 seconds to solve -- for C. as well as for me.

But C. missed it because he misread the multiple choice answers & thought his answer wasn't in the queue!

This happens WAY more often than you'd think -- scary.

Happens to me, too.

Is the font size larger on the actual test?

Catherine Johnson said...

ok...looking at it again, I think I know how to solve this...

Catherine Johnson said...

I did it!

I cheated. I looked at the Cliff's Notes page on triangular prisms: Regular Pyramids.

Saw immediately how to do it.

Should have seen it without having to look at Cliff's Notes, but c'est la vie.

Catherine Johnson said...

Here's the easy Level 5 problem:

20. A salesperson's commission is k percent of the selling price of a car. Which of the following represents the commission, in dollars, on 2 cars that sold for $14,000 each?

I kept thinking my answer had to be wrong because this was a Level 5 problem.

C. said he misread the multiple choice answers, which I'm sure is true, but I bet one reason he misread them was that he figured he had to have gotten it wrong!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the SAT videos at Kahn Academy?

Catherine Johnson said...

I LOVE Khan Academy.

This problem isn't on the site, though. It's one of the new tests in the 2nd edition.

I wish I hadn't assigned these problems ('cause I need to keep the new tests 'new' for me) -- I should have assigned problems from one of the tests I've already worked myself.

Catherine Johnson said...

I asked Chris what he thought when he solved the problem & sure enough: he thought it was too easy so his answer wasn't on the list.