kitchen table math, the sequel: PDK poll

Thursday, August 26, 2010

PDK poll

Quick post before I get back to work.

A few weeks ago we were talking about whether there is opposition to charter schools in suburban districts. Given the comments people left, I believe there is.

So it was interesting today to see that the new pdk poll includes this bullet point in the press release (pdf file):
We like public charter schools more every year! We’d be happy to have new public charter schools in our communities and more throughout the United States. 
Phi Delta Kappan was once described to me as the flagship of the constructivist movement; it's got to be one of the most important journals in public education. If pdk is phrasing a 'pro' finding on charter schools this way, I take that as a sign.


Catherine Johnson said...

btw, this isn't to say that opposition to suburban schools doesn't exist ---

I'm just glad to see a journal like pdk reporting enthusiastic and growing support for charters.

Of course, I'd like to see support for tax credits and vouchers, too.

And money for homeschoolers (I've continued to favor that ---)

momof4 said...

I just read that a new charter elementary school is opening this fall in Edina, an affluent first-ring suburb of Minneapolis. It was described as having a classical format and is being run by the same group that runs a MS-HS classical charter school in neighboring Eden Prairie.

Catherine Johnson said...

wow - Edina


Did you see Joanne Jacobs' post about a Swedish "Knowledge School" being started in Manhattan?

I haven't had time to read, but apparently the people involved in it see the Knowledge Schools as belonging to the category of progressive education, which implies to me that the NYC 'Knowledge School' won't be a knowledge school.

K9Sasha said...

We have three charter schools where I live: an elementary "Waldorf inspired" school, a 6-12 school that focuses on kids who don't "fit" in regular school, and a new one opening in September for homeschoolers. I would love to see one for a classical education. I'd also like to see a school for dyslexics.