kitchen table math, the sequel: in Borders today

Saturday, August 28, 2010

in Borders today

We picked Andrew up at camp today and learned that he had a fantastic week --- he was the best camper in the place, his counselor said.

Then he added, gesturing to his chums sitting under the canopy, "They would all say the same."


He did pretty well in the car until we stopped at Office Max to pick up poster board for the Big Calendar that's going to change everyone's life around here.

Big tantrum at Office Max & then in the car 'cause he'd spotted a Borders and wanted to go there. But since he'd managed to pull himself out of it by the time I'd made my purchases, we decided to go to Borders after all.

And guess what I found in the school section?

A Frank Schaffer Singapore Math 6B Math Practice workbook.

Plus a lot of terrific Kumon workbooks (those are the two next to Singapore Math Practice.)

The cover of the Singapore math book says, "Activities based on the leading math program in the world--Singapore Math!"

introduction to Singapore Math - Level 3 (pdf file)
Andrew comes home from camp - July 2008


CassyT said...

I have some of these books from Frank Schaffer Publications. I love how the cover states: "Level 4A - Appropriate for students in Grade 5" on the cover.

The first 4 pages in both the Singapore Math Practice books as well as the 70 Must-Know Word Problems books are the same: An Intro to Singapore Math. It contains some strategies for basic operations, model drawing and problem solving. In 6 pt font.

The Math Practice books I have then include a page of learning outcomes for each unit and a page of formulas. Then there are practice worksheets. No teaching, just worksheets. The content organization seems to match the Standards Edition of the materials available in the U.S.more than the U.S. Edition materials.

The "70 Must-Know Word Problems" series have the 70 problems then somewhat detailed solutions in the back.

Crimson Wife said...

The Frank Schaffer Singapore books are very much "dumbed down" compared to the original Singapore Primary Math series. The Kumon workbooks are much better, though one has to go a grade level "up" from Singapore PM.

Catherine Johnson said...


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