kitchen table math, the sequel: a cookie factoid you may not know

Monday, December 24, 2012

a cookie factoid you may not know

Cookies made from scratch taste best straight out of the freezer.

True of chocolate chip cookies, too, though freezing makes the chips too hard, so you have to let a chocolate chip cookie sit for a minute or two before you eat it. Where chocolate chip cookies are concerned, flavor and hardness of chip are a trade-off.

I bring this up because my sister didn't know.


Barry Garelick said...

I like cookies that are crisp, as opposed to cookies that simulate cookie dough texture. Cookie dough texture has been the rage for the past two decades. And speaking of chocolate chip cookies, I used to make them using the recipe on the Nestle's "Toll House Morsels" pack, but cut the white sugar in half and doubled the brown sugar and added a tablespoon of molasses for good measure. Incredibly good.

Catherine Johnson said...

mmm....I'm writing that down

I like raw cookie dough .... A LOT

I like raw dough or crisp cookies

a salient factoid this Christmas eve!

Catherine Johnson said...

I'm still grading papers....

momof4 said...

Cappucino chips are even better, if you can find them. World Market had some a few years ago - mmmm. Right now, I have homemade rolls rising.

Anonymous said... has cappucino chips and Guittard also makes them.