kitchen table math, the sequel: how were teenagers were invented?

Friday, December 28, 2012

how were teenagers were invented?

the answer: technology!


Anonymous said...

My husband and I were just discussing this week what an ideal job for a teenager might be (We have a twelve-year-old.). We concluded that an intergenerational work experience (like working at an orchard) might be more likely to develop a strong work ethic as compared with working with almost exclusively teenage coworkers. We have seen friends' children make poor choices with older teenage friends they met at work. We wish there were a way to replicate the family farm experience of the past. Wondering if those who have already raised teenagers have thoughts

momof4 said...

We didn't go this route, because the kids were full-time athletes, with heavy summer schedules, but it seems that the local(our kids not raised here) farmers' markets vendors hire kids, for growing, harvesting, packing and market sales. Since cash registers are rare, those doing sales really know their arithmetic. Most vendors use calculators, but there are a couple who use pencil and paper only - and the customer keeps the tally. One kid has been doing this since he was about 9.