kitchen table math, the sequel: buzzers and glass

Thursday, December 27, 2012

buzzers and glass

C. is working at Andrew's vacation program this week. When he got home today he said they've really beefed up security. "Beefed up the security" means they're keeping the exterior glass doors locked all of the time instead of most of the time, so parents have to fish their key cards out of their wallets or purses or glove compartments in order to buzz themselves inside. If parents don't have their key cards or if their key cards have stopped working, they have to try to attract the attention of people inside to come get them. That's easy to do if there's anyone in the hall because the door and the wide panels flanking the door are made of glass.

It will be the same here in the district, too, no doubt. The new superintendent has sent out an email saying the district will be increasing security measures and asking us to be patient with the coming "inconvenience."

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Cassandra Turner said...

We had our monthly school board meeting Dec. 20th, after the Connecticut shooting. We had one parent attend to see what we were going to do at our two campuses (and two emails.) Our elementary campus is behind the county sheriff and jail, the Jr. & High school is 2 blocks from the city police department.

Last week, we received the following letter from a parent:

Merry Christmas, and a most grateful thank you for all your great work for our school. XXschool is a great marvel, and not a day goes by without our family's eternal appreciation for such an awesome school.

Our family like so many other families have been reflecting on the terrible events in Connecticut, and we felt compelled to share a few thoughts.

Personally for us we have always been appalled by the proliferation of police officers in the middle and high schools. To us it feels like this national trend is at least in part a surrender of parental responsibility (and yes, staff and administration too) to insure a community wide safe and respectful environment.

There is a huge ground swell of strong sentiment, and no doubt many will call for immediate security measures. We just feel strongly that the best and most effective measures are already in place at XXschool. Creating an armed fortress will never be as effective as nurturing an environment of mutual respect and kindness.

We feel XXschool is the safest place anyone could entrust their child to...and for all the highest reasons.

For this we thank you.