kitchen table math, the sequel: I can answer that

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I can answer that

Trying to catch up on old copies of Ed Week....and I find....

Good news!

Harvard Education School has partnered with Survey Monkey to create a PARENT SURVEY.

All about parent involvement in the schools!

Very exciting.

Reading right along .... I have a suggested revision for Item 10 under Parent Engagement:

I answered a couple of others as is...

do not press send
Harvard, SurveyMonkey Offer Tool to Weigh Parent Engagement By Michele Molnar January 15, 2013


kcab said...

Why was there *again* nothing asked about outside tutoring that has been required! I'm tempted to send a note to the prof they list (Hunter Gehlbach) asking about that.

momof4 said...

They don't want to know the answer. If 40% of the kids were tutored (either parent or other) and those 40% were the top 40%, as well as the 40% who qualified for the advanced math track, uncomfortable questions might be asked. Ditto for other subjects.