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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Uncommon Students in the Common Core

I have a piece on how special ed students are faring under the new Common Core Standards on the online Atlantic:


Catherine Johnson said...

Katie's piece is fabulous!

Lsquared said...

A great piece on special needs kids--thanks Kathryn.

I have a question about special needs kids that I think I've seen discussed on ktm (but I can't seem to find right now), which is what are the issues with collaborative learning (group work that is fairly low stakes, not Group Work that is big projects). I'm trying to get the pre-service teachers in my class to think about collaborative work more deeply than "just tell them to work in groups", and I'd love some data to back me up in saying that there are hidden problems in group work that you need to think about. If there are resources anyone can suggest, I'd appreciate it.


ChemProf said...

I think Katherine Beals has quite a few examples in her book (Raising Left Brained Kids in a Right Brained World), and we've talked about the issue on and off over at Over in Left Field. You might start there, but I don't know that there is "data" per se.

See for example:

Lsquared said...