kitchen table math, the sequel: Help Desk. Degrees of Reading Power. DRP.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Help Desk. Degrees of Reading Power. DRP.

Can anyone explain to me how I should read my daughter's fourth grade DRP score? There is a one line blurb with her "unit score" but no explanation or chart to go with it. I did manage to find this chart of DRP Scale of Text Difficulty. I'm not sure if this applies or not.

If it does, then I'm really perplexed. Before jumping to any crazy conclusions, I thought I would pick your brains.


Catherine Johnson said...

Don't get me started.

I have spent hours of my life, hours and hours and hours, digging down through layers upon layers of the NY DOE web site, trying to find out what scores were earned by what schools, etc.

It is a nightmare.

I went score-hunting again the other night, trying to find out whether I could disaggregate disadvantaged from advantaged NYC ELA scores; my entire evening was consumed by this task.

I finally gave up.

I was only doing it because Ed wanted me to pull some data for my Letter to the Assistant Superintendent re: Lucy Calkins.

My entire evening went into this project.

Catherine Johnson said...

Meanwhile I discovered the fancy, expensive new NYSTART page for teachers. They have a sample you can look at.

Super-clear; super-user-friendly; super, super, super.

As a mere taxpayer and parent, I get to spend my life trawling through cr**.

Catherine Johnson said...

We do now have NYSTART pages for parents, but the data is cr**

Apparently, at least on the page I saw (still a sample - parents are going to be seeing samples for years t/k it seems) all I could look at was some kind of general performance indicator (the language was far more jargonny than that) which purported to tell me how close my school is to making AYP.

Nothing I could actually use to understand my own kid's achievement, or that of the kids we know, whose fates I could conceivably do something about.

I loathe the edu-world.

The entire end-world, all of it, start to finish.

concernedCTparent said...

I spent the better part of the wee hours "trawling through cr**." Understanding Your Child's Scores on the CMT referred me to the CMT Interpretive Guide for more information on the DRP scores. Of course, when I got there the information I was looking for was blocked to me because I'm not an administrator.

Is it really supposed to be this crytpic or did they just assume most normal people would have given up by now? Sheesh.

concernedCTparent said...

This is all I know based on the CMT Interpretive Guide:

Above grade level
grade 3 - 47+
grade 4 - 54+
grade 5 - 58+
grade 6 - 62+
grade 7 - 62+
grade 8 - 65+

But how do you interpret a specific unit score of 80, for example?