kitchen table math, the sequel: "The tide is turning too slowly for parents"

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"The tide is turning too slowly for parents"

"The tide is turning too slowly for parents." That's just one pithy comment in Heather Sells' report for CBN News in a story that features Ridgewood's math woes.

As some of you already know, Ridgewood, New Jersey, (where I live) has been featured in the New York Times for its math woes. I was approached by Heather for an interview, but turned it down.

Below find two links. The first is the CBN video, which was aired today.
The other one is the article on the CBN web site.

It seems the evangelicals are just as concerned as anyone else about the dumbing down of math. That's not surprising, as one of their hallmarks is a high regard for scholarly pursuit.

The video

The article