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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mr. Teacher

C. met his new teachers today & is wildly enthusiastic about them all, each and every one.

Mr. So-and-so #1 (yes, he has his first male teachers in core subjects) is "the coolest teacher ever," and Mr. So-and-so #2 will answer questions via email and notify them of any changes in assignments.

C. loves school. Partly, that's just him. He's a school kid; he's liked school from the first day he set foot inside a school building, back when he was 3.

But it's also a credit to his school and to the district.

So anyway, there we were at the dinner table, getting the blow-by-blow on C's excellent day, when Ed reported that back when he was in junior high, his social studies teacher was named Dick Nipple.

They called him Mr. Nipple.

Mr. Teacher
a limerick


Karen A said...

About Mr. Nipple . .

That's priceless!

PaulaV said...

It is great that C. loves school! It certainly makes your job easier at home.

My C. has a male teacher this year for fourth grade and so far so good, but the class is once again full of boys. Rowdy boys. However, he says he likes the class, although he doesn't understand why the teacher keeps moving the students around. They change seats everyday. This would be distracting to me.

According to C.,there has been a kid close to being sent to the principal's office. Ugh!

Catherine Johnson said...

I don't think my own C. got quite as many of the rowdy boys in his classes this year, but he got his share.

One of the teachers -- the cool one -- said to two of the rowdy boys as he read off each name from the roster, "XX -- I've never heard anything bad about you!"

That probably sounds bad in a Comment, but I think it was probably funny at the time in a good way.

There are about two guys total teaching in the entire place; the rowdy boys are being chronically disapproved of by dominant females.

One of the kids, one day, actually got up in the middle of being berated by the "Home and Career" teacher, shouted "I can't take it any more," and ran out of the room.

Another kid jumped out of a window one day (first floor, but still).

Here's what parents tell me.

If you have a child with emotional issues (and I think what these parents mean is: "If you have a boy with emotional issues") the school is not a positive environment.


As I say, he loves school. He was ***thrilled*** to get back.

Some parents of boys with ADHD or mild bipolar disorder, with temper problems, with divorce have told me that the school was a harsh environment.

I'm positive they're right about this, because the high school is the exact opposite by most accounts.

PaulaV said...

I think my C. was happy to be back as well.

We have some super dominant females in our school and they loathe the boys who can't "get it together."

We also have only two male teachers at our school. My son has one of them.

I see the kids with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder having a rough, rough time in our school. No one knows how to deal with them. No one wants them in their classes because they are a disruption.

Teachers and kids alike simply do not know how to relate to these kids. It is miserable for everyone.

Karen A said...

A limerick regarding Mr. Nipple:

There once was a teacher, Dick Nipple
His name caused quite a ripple
One day during autumn
He fell on his bottom
Which caused our laughter to triple