kitchen table math, the sequel: Cassy T on ed school

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cassy T on ed school

I received my BS Ed in May 2006, as a second career. I was not the oldest in my cohort, but the great majority were in their 20's. The school program was quite strong, although the advanced math education class was a sad example of what is happening in elementary education.

I was in a cohort of 15 or so students, and I was the only one who could actually do the math that the prof was showing us the ed. strategies for. She was a nationally certified curriculum adviser with a PhD. and kept telling the class: "You need to know how to do this math, I'm not here to teach you math." "You need to get some more math education before you step into a classroom."

She was amazed at how poor the student's skills were, although it was her first University level class. I wonder if her expectations have since declined.

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