kitchen table math, the sequel: Chappaqua budget

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chappaqua budget

Chappaqua schools feeling the pinch

I'd love to know the thinking here, assuming there is any thinking apart from what the various actors have stated.

Is the proposed budget a tactic to press the union for concessions?

Is it a tactic to panic parents at the thought of class size increases and cuts to arts?


Something else?

nice work if you can get it
Chappaqua’s teachers currently average $98,206 a year. Next year, with a contractual 3.5 percent salary increase and other increments, that would rise to $104,029, school officials said. That figure includes automatic step-ups for years of service. According to school officials, because of such steps, 75 percent of teachers are scheduled to get increases of 7 percent or more.

Add 32% to that for benefits.

Ed's salary is frozen and (NYU) department heads have been instructed to cut budgets. His salary was frozen for 2 or 3 years cut 5% at UCLA during a downturn some years ago.

As for me, when times are bad I earn less.


Catherine Johnson said...

Ed reminded me today that his salary wasn't frozen; it was cut.

By 5%.

Thinking about this, I'm guessing the reason no one is pressing the union to take a cut is that they'd rather lose the 21 teachers.

Catherine Johnson said...

They can lose the 21 teachers & blame it on the union.

Catherine Johnson said...

That's my guess.