kitchen table math, the sequel: stumble upon

Monday, March 9, 2009

stumble upon

Searching for Spanish meetups nearby, I came across this:

Dispuestos a arrasar vuestra salvage civilización si oponeis resistencia.

According to it means: "We are prepared to raze your civilization to the ground if you put up resistance."

I love Google.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a good source for culinary Spanish? I have a relative who is fluent in ordinary Spanish and can read classic Spanish literature, but who hasn't ever dealt with restaurant menus etc. because she was in dorms or with a family. It's not just the names of food items, but typical dishes/preparation; like knowing that something Dijon means with mustard, Florentine means spinach etc. She will be visiting Argentina and Chile.

Ben Calvin said...

I like the look of this Kitchen Spanish - a Quick Phrase Guide of Kitchen and Culinary Terms (Paperback), but it's more oriented to working in a kitchen than dining in a restaurant. But I think I may order a copy for myself to have around the house.

Here's a sample page:

This may be more what you're looking for: Diccionario culinario mexicano bilingue Espanol-Ingles/ Mexican Culinary Dictionary Bilingual Spanish-English: Ingredients, utensilios, tecnicas, bebidas ... typical dishes and drinks (Spanish Edition) (Paperback). However I note this is a Mexican Culinary Dictionary -- not necessarily applicable to South American countries.

Independent George said...

I don't know any Spanish, but Google Language gives me the following:

Los golpes continuará hasta que mejora la moral.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Catherine Johnson said...

I love Google!