kitchen table math, the sequel: Fluenz, lesson 11

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fluenz, lesson 11

Sonia Gil pre-lesson:
Hola, welcome. ¿Como están? Bien. I’m sure you’re ready for a super review session. Today we’re not going to learn anything new. We’re just going to practice and practice and practice until everything seems absolutely natural to you. Or at least as natural as we can possibly make it. So get ready to – practice. And get ready to dramatically improve what you already know.

Sonia Gil post-lesson:
That was really good work. I’m sure you’re getting faster and faster at it. Funny how no one thinks of speed training in language teaching. But how fast you understand what you already know, how fast you can formulate a response, and how fast you can catch the colloquial rhythms of Spanish are perhaps as important as how much grammar and how many words you know. And fast is all about practice. All of this to make a simple suggestion: do this session one more time. Yes, because practice makes perfect. So good luck and hasta luego.

Fluenz part 2

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