kitchen table math, the sequel: guessing hurts, part 2

Sunday, February 27, 2011

guessing hurts, part 2

I'm looking at page 499 in the Blue Book.

There are 67 questions on the 3 Critical Reading sections.

If you answer 64 questions correctly and leave 3 questions blank, you score 800.

If you answer 64 questions correctly and answer the other 3 questions incorrectly, you score 780.

That is a big penalty.

I follow the logic of the penalty for wrong answers. It's a correction for guessing.

But the 1/4 point deduction over-corrects because in reality students don't make random guesses. In reality, they systematically guess the wrong answer. At least, that's what I see with C.

I'm telling C. not to make any guesses at all.

I'll let you know how that goes.


Crimson Wife said...

Boy, the "recentering" really changed the scoring on the verbal section! I got a single question wrong and was knocked down to a 750.

Anonymous said...

This, and other reasons, are why I like the ACT better.


Catherine Johnson said...

Which test are you taking?

The 2nd edition of the Blue Book says you can get 3 or 4 wrong & get an 800.

(Are you thinking about the test you took for college?)

Catherine Johnson said...

I should try taking a sample ACT.

C. didn't do any better on the ACT sample than on the SAT.

Did better on PSAT than on ACT PLAN, as I recall.

Crimson Wife said...

Yep, I was referring to when I took the pre-recentered SAT back in '94. Missing a single question was then enough to go from an 800 down to a 750. I don't know what I would've gotten had I skipped one rather than answering incorrectly, but it still wouldn't have been an 800.

Catherine Johnson said...

oh - I remember that!


Now you can miss around .... is it 3?

Something like that (but let me check).

Catherine Johnson said...

I'm feeling proud because I dug out my ACT book, flipped the pages to a "challenging" algebra problem, and solved it instantly.

Anonymous said...

The ACT just seems to be less tricky to me. The math is elementary algebra, algebra 1 and 2, and then a few trig questions.

And you're not penalized for guessing.

And it's a bit shorter.