kitchen table math, the sequel: contingency budget for NY schools

Friday, March 4, 2011

contingency budget for NY schools

In another thread, lgm asked about the contingency budget for this year in New York.

The contingency budget is the budget schools can impose by fiat if voters reject the proposed budget.

Here is an explanation by the NYSUT:
the law defines the contingency budget cap as the lesser of 4 percent or 120 percent multiplied by the CPI increase
Assuming I'm reading this right (pdf file), the CPI for 2010 rose by 1.6%.

That would put the contingency budget cap at 1.92%.

(There are various categories that can't be excluded from a contingency budget, such as tax certs. I don't know how those relate to the cap.)

Inflation in one picture
David Leonhardt


Elena said...

Thanks for the pdf file link.

Catherine Johnson said...

You're welcome!

Catherine Johnson said...

fyi: I **think** the cap on the contingency budget this year in NY is 1.6%.

Again: take that with a grain of salt.

I have **no** idea what sorts of things lie outside that cap.

For instance, if a district is losing a huge amount of state aid, can the district simply force taxpayers to make up the difference without a vote?

I don't know the answer to that.

(That example applies to other school districts but not to mine, fyi. My district receives very little state funding.)