kitchen table math, the sequel: parents of school-age children

Monday, February 28, 2011

parents of school-age children

I missed this part of the public school survey:
Public schools get slightly lower marks from those Americans with children living at home. Among this group, 41% say public schools provide the best education while 47% say public schools are the worst.

Most Americans (54%) know a family whose children attend private school. Among families with children living at home, 62% know some who are in private school. 
In 2005, 42% of all Americans surveyed by Rasmussen thought public schools provided the best education for children; today, 41% of parents with children living at home say the same, while that number rises to 50% when you include people who don't have children living at home.

That's the opposite of what I assumed would be the case.


What happens to the views of parents whose children have grown and left home?


Crimson Wife said...

Familiarity breeds contempt?

Linda said...

Some of them care more about their taxes than the schools?

Catherine Johnson said...

I was assuming that people whose children have grown would probably be less positive about public schools for a number of reasons....(not having to do with taxes -- )