kitchen table math, the sequel: the Oscars

Sunday, February 27, 2011

the Oscars

The fact that I've been sitting here for hours writing posts about the SAT is a pretty good indicator of just how boring the Academy Awards are tonight.

Now I'm watching a woman accept her Oscar for Best Documentary (I think), and she looks like the same woman who accepted an Oscar for Best Documentary last year.


OK, it's not Best Documentary.

It's Best Short Documentary or some such.

Only thing keeping interest alive: the winners keep forgetting their wives' names. Christian Bale drew a blank on his wife's name and his daughter's name, which is quite a feat. The guy from NYU who just won for something or other remembered his girlfriend's first and last name, but not without some effort.

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Catherine Johnson said...

Glad I hung in long enough to see Randy Newman say he really wants to be 'good television, as you can see.'

At the beginning of his career, Randy Newman lived in the house across the street from us in Studio City (before we were there...)