kitchen table math, the sequel: thinking out loud

Monday, May 21, 2007

thinking out loud

I'd like to introduce a new ktm member, "Thinking Out Loud," an attorney who practices K-12 public school law and has a tremendous amount of direct experience with schools and their functioning:

A lot of my professional expertise is state-specific. Except for the Constitutional stuff, most school law is state law and state regulation driven. I do have a lot of incidental knowledge about school administrators, and, bless their little hearts, how their minds work. I also a great deal of insight into school culture for someone who has never, ever been an educator.

I can vouch for that. I've already learned a lot from Thinking Out Loud.


LynnG said...

Hello, Thinking Out Loud.

What State do you practice in?

Catherine Johnson said...

Thinking Out Loud isn't going to be able to tell us that, unfortunately. It's not CT, however. I think it's OK to say that much.

Also, I've just noticed that TOL has not actually signed up!

I'm going to have to go noodge TOL. He/she has been a huge help to me so far.