kitchen table math, the sequel: re: the four goals

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

re: the four goals

(The four goals being: 1. "writing, lots of writing"; 2. "I forget number 2"; 3. "character education. We're going to have a character education assembly every month"; 4. "using technology")

Matthew says:

Wouldn't it be most efficient to require students to type essays about character and morals on a Blackberry?

That would knock out 1, 3 and 4 in one blow. I'm sure 2 can be worked in as well.

An excellent suggestion!

One day into the new school year the principal has already had...... is it 5 emails from me?

Yes. Five.

I'm pretty sure.

I bet he'd appreciate getting one more before the week is out.


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll update us when you find out what #2 is. Hopefully it will make up for #3 [and potentially #4] being a colossal waste of time.

Catherine Johnson said...

I plan to!

Catherine Johnson said...

using technology

it's just beyond belief

do you think there is A SINGLE CHILD in all of Irvington -- in all of America -- who is NOT using technology?

Catherine Johnson said...

What do you want to bet number 2 is "bring Irvington math education up to international standards"?

Anonymous said...

I will bet $3 Confederate dollars on that. And, if that's not acceptable, I can back it up with a deed to some swampland in... well, you get the idea.