kitchen table math, the sequel: we can all breathe easy now

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

we can all breathe easy now

your brain on video games

In October 2006 the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) endorsed video games as a potential means for teaching “higher-order thinking skills, such as strategic thinking, interpretive analysis, problem solving, plan formulation and execution, and adaptation to rapid change.”

I need to start playing video games.


Doug Sundseth said...

Well, either that or role-playing games, which have the same reward mechanisms, with the addition of human contact and a much greater reliance on the player for reading and math.

Catherine Johnson said...

Did you read the TIMES article on the Second Life guy?

gosh, that was creepy

although Second Life isn't a game, is it?

Redkudu said...

Second Life isn't a game, no. It's...strange and very interesting.

I started a free account because I read articles about how schools and universities are paying money to establish islands/worlds there for their students to interact.

There's some interesting potential, but an enormous amount of focus on currency (Linden dollars, I think?).

There's also a teen version. Lost of cyber-currency flying around which translates into real money...someone knows more about this than me.

So far, I've found interaction to be shallow.