kitchen table math, the sequel: Anatomy of a Black Hole

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anatomy of a Black Hole

C. told me about stumbleupon this morning, which is exactly what I needed seeing as how I spend so little time stumbling upon internet thingies as it is.

On my first go, I have stumbled upon Anatomy of a Black Hole.

I am severely losing interest in desk-clearing. Only 10 items cleared thus far, and it's 2 o'clock.


Catherine Johnson said...

6:11 pm

* 65 items cleared
* semi-annual conference re: Jimmy
* haircuts: C. & A.


* trying to figure out what to do with "Testicular Self-Exam" sheet from pediatrician

Lsquared said...

My son has decreed that we shall all clean house the way his teacher at school has them clean the classroom: everyone cleans up a certain number of thing (size doesn't matter). So for now, we are all picking up 50 things a day. I reccommend the strategy to your office. Good work! you picked up more than your 50 things today.