kitchen table math, the sequel: "A Wide Open Future"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"A Wide Open Future"

Al Gore's American Life

So how much time do we think Al Gore spends searching for stuff on the Internet?


Anonymous said...

If he's anything like me, all he does is read blogs and message boards.

Catherine Johnson said...

Absolutely - you know that's what he's doing!

I've been working on a project on impulsive & compulsive behavior, and the psychiatrist I'm working with talks about people getting locked into internet searches.

Some of his worst stories are of patients who get sucked into never-ending internet searches for things like cabinet knobs.

Catherine Johnson said...

Our new gr4-5 library-slash-"media center" is open now so the school sent out a photo of 3 boys sitting at brand-new terminals totally locked-in.

The caption says the kids have made the "transition" from their home computers to the school computers with no problems at all!

Catherine Johnson said...

You have to love the fact that the next DSM will include "internet addiction" as a psychiatric disorder while our public schools are dumping books & socking kids onto the internet.