kitchen table math, the sequel: Paul H: doomed!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Paul H: doomed!

We are truly doomed methinks. Many of the names that I see on my roster have to be misspellings in the delivery room. I have kids tell me that I'm spelling their names wrong so I go and look up their intake docs and sure enough, I had it right.

I don't want to put up actual names but some examples are; ett where the intent was eth, cha where the intent was sha, cr where it should have been chr. That's just the beginning.

Then you have what I call the 'theme meme', like a daughter named Chastity with a mom called Virgin (should it be the other way around, perhaps).

I'm not sure if these things are coming from deranged nurses or parents who can't spell. Either way, doomed!

Jim the Realtor seems to agree.

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