kitchen table math, the sequel: anonymous cube dweller

Thursday, February 19, 2009

anonymous cube dweller

"This is circa about 1997. . "

"Same area about 2004. He has expanded into the three surrounding cubes which are almost as bad."

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concerned said...

I feel SOOOOO much better about the 1ft stack of papers on my floor waiting to be filed!!

(at least there's only 1 stack!)

Thanks SO much!!

Catherine Johnson said...

My desk is heading towards CLEAN!

What time is it?


There is time yet today!

I'm not horrible on floor piles, but I do have stacks of wire hanging file crates sitting here in the middle of my office.

Plus a big, huge laundry-basket sized container filled with paper going back for YEARS.

That's gotta go.

Anonymous said...

Those pix look like every surface over which my father has dominion.

I have my share of piles, but we're working on it. I still don't have a good system for processing mail in the new office. Too easy for piles to accumulate like they did before we remodeled. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

What kills me are "wallets" -- containers or files of any sort that have bazillions of pieces of paper which need to be examined and evaluated individually for their tossability. I find them uniquely discouraging before I process them, and I feel like a million bucks when they're done.

That laundry basket-sized container of yours is a big ol' honkin' wallet.

Catherine Johnson said...

It's a big ol' honkin' wallet for sure.