kitchen table math, the sequel: exponential, the love song

Sunday, August 29, 2010

exponential, the love song

the more I love you, the more I love you

directions for clicking through to the music here


Catherine Johnson said...

I love these songs.

I don't think the word 'exponential' really works in a love song, but the lyrics explaining exponential love do

LynnG said...

the link seems to be wrong -- clicking on it brings you to the Law of Average book, not the exponential love song, which sounds like a must-listen kind of song.

Catherine Johnson said...

working on it....


Just discovered Sam Savage's home page

Sam Savage is a consulting professor in Stanford University’s School of Engineering and a fellow of the Judge Business School at Cambridge University.

He received a PhD in the area of computational complexity from Yale University in 1973, spent a year at General Motors Research Laboratory, and then joined the management science faculty of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Here he quickly realized that an algebraic curtain separated management from management science, and he abandoned the field as moribund for a decade. Then with the advent of the personal computer and electronic spreadsheet, the algebraic curtain began to lift, and Sam was reborn as a management scientist. In 1985, he collaborated on the first widely marketed spreadsheet optimization package, What’sBest!®, which won PC Magazine’s Technical Excellence Award. In 1990 Sam came to Stanford, where he continues to teach and develop management science tools in an algebra - free environment.

His primary research focus is on enterprisewide communication and management of uncertainty and risk. In 2006, in collaboration with Stefan Scholtes (of Cambridge University) and Daniel Zweidler (then of Shell and now with Merck and Co.), Dr. Savage formalized the concept of Probability Management and is the chairman of .

there are two more paragraphs

Catherine Johnson said...

ok, here's how to get to the music:

CLICK ON the link above, which takes you to the book

CLICK ON the plus sign to the left of "Foundations"

CLICK ON the plus sign to the left of "The Big Picture"

CLICK ON the plus sign to the left of "The Big Picture"

CLICK ON "Chapter Two"

You should see text explaining the songs

CLICK ON "Play List," which is a button at the bottom of the screen

That will bring up a play list of songs.

Catherine Johnson said...

I love "The Big Enchilada."

I would buy a recording of it.

Catherine Johnson said...

Direct link to The Big Enchilada (I hope).

Catherine Johnson said...

direct link to "Exponential" (love song)

Barry Garelick said...

Does he have any songs with the word "logarithms" in them?