kitchen table math, the sequel: words to the wise

Sunday, August 29, 2010

words to the wise

9pm now; Andrew is still wearing his backpack

A while ago I heard Ed say, "School starts in one week, and you never go to school on Sunday."

I'm sure that fell on deaf ears.

Big Calendar
Debbie Stier's big calendar
the big picture
blank calendar template (pdf file) 
self-charting increases motivation


Debbie Stier said...

It's so wonderfully endearing how excited he is to go back to school.

I posted a picture of him with the calendar!

LynnG said...

I think I should create one with the assistance of my daughter. Then she can help plan this year with me. I've made a lot of promises to her for this year, and the big calendar would probably be useful in making sure they are all kept.

Catherine Johnson said...

Lynn - I would definitely do it.

It's pretty simple; use the template I posted. You can use a cardboard box or buy posterboard, which is what I did.