kitchen table math, the sequel: fair warning

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

fair warning

If all goes as planned, I am going to begin working through the Unit 5 worksheets from the Arlington Algebra Project, as lgm suggested. Tonight.

I say 'fair warning' because there's no answer key.


Anonymous said...

I think the answer key is here waiting for problems to be posted. :)

Catherine Johnson said...

that's why I said "fair warning"!

Catherine Johnson said...

Boy, I'll tell you - I think these Arlington worksheets are fantastic so far.

I worked through one last night - amazing.

IF all of them work as well as last night's, I won't need a lot of answer-key volunteerism from commenters here. The sheets are built like Kumon worksheets; they start with a simple problem you can solve, and each problem then builds on the insight you gained from the preceding problem(s).

I wonder if Barry G would call them guided discovery?

Catherine Johnson said...

I'm wondering whether the Arlington Algebra Project worksheets could be used effectively to fill gaps in knowledge ---- ?

Will have to get some posts up.