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Monday, August 30, 2010

Sam Savage

The Big Enchilada


Avoiding the Thesis 

Avoiding the Corporation

Avoiding the Publications

Avoiding the Whole (expletive deleted) Ordeal

In the mid 1970's after I had abandoned traditional Management Science, but before I had discovered spreadsheets, I tried unsuccessfully to be a folksinger in Chicago.

There were two things that dissuaded me from a career in music. First, there were a lot of people who were a lot better than I was, and second, they weren’t making it either. During this period I did some recording with my stepbrother John Pearce on a Sony 4 track reel-to-reel tape deck.
I found the decades old tapes in my garage in 1999, and discovered to my amazement that there were still magnetic signals on them. We turned some of the pieces into a CD which we shared with family and a few friends. All the recordings were made between roughly 1975 and 1985. Some tracks, like the patient who has been frozen in liquid nitrogen until a cure is found for his disease, awoke to a world in which they could be substantially improved. The tempo of the Exponential track, for example, was sped up digitally without changing the pitch.

Sam Savage

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I love "The Big Enchilada"