kitchen table math, the sequel: I did it!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I did it!

I can't believe it!

I have a Navigation Bar!

After wasting an entire day trying to restore the Navigation Bar (the bar at the top with the search window and the "Sign In" option), I finally copied just one line of code from Katharine's blog, et voilĂ .

I have a Navigation Bar.


I have now spent an entire day of my life losing my template, finding an ancient backed-up copy of my template, restoring my template, researching how to restore a Navigation Bar and, finally, actually restoring my Navigation Bar.

I should apply for a job at Mycollege's Help Desk.

For future reference, the navigation bar is one line of code:

<div id="navbar-iframe-container"></div>


Catherine Johnson said...

I think this may be the only site on the entire worldwide web that has this template.

I couldn't find it anywhere else today.

Jean said...

Oh wow! It's back! I'm impressed.

Catherine Johnson said...

Thank you!

I'm horrified that I disappeared the template in the first place. Can't believe I did that.