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Friday, February 15, 2013

recent comments seems to be broken & other

Will try to figure it out....

Meanwhile, thanks, everyone, for weighing in on Surfer's diet ----- (and canola oil!)

Calorie replacement is the issue as I think Allan says. I'm going to figure out what kind of non-tampered-with meat I can buy around here. ("Non-tampered-with": how's that for an informed position?)

On another subject, and for passersby: the word "hateful" is verboten!


Catherine Johnson said...

At least in my view, the regulars on ktm have always had incredibly good manners.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I've felt it's been a bit of a minor miracle that this blog could live for so long with the commenters remaining so civil.

I definitely want that tradition to continue.

momof4 said...

I recommend checking local farmers' markets and locally-owned organic markets. In my experience, both are likely to have locally-raised grass-fed beef (possibly bison). Also, the label usually has the producer and contact info, so you could order directly if you have freezer space (both sources usually sell only frozen meats).It might be possible to get cheaper bits/cuts if you contact the producer directly. A number of sources pop up when you google "nyc area grass-fed beef", including and Farmers' market listings are available from As far as bison is concerned, there are a number of producers in the Sioux Falls, SD area and I know they will ship, because I have ordered from a couple of them. That said, AFAIK, bison and grass-fed beef are pretty much the same nutritionally.

palisadesk said...

Re oils for dogs, the best options are salmon oil, flax oil and evening primrose. These can be alternated for variety as they have different properties but are higher in Omerga 3's and easily digested by dogs. You don't need large quantities; you can look up recommended dosages relative to body weight.

Anonymous said...

Does it have to be beef? What about chicken or chicken liver? Sometimes you can find a quart of chicken livers on sale.

momof4 said...

I should have added that some farmers' market producers have meat and poultry cuts specifically for dogs and/or cats - one of my local ones has beef and poultry hearts, livers, bones, chicken backs etc - even poultry feet!

Catherine Johnson said...

thank you, thank you, thank you!!

so bison is seeming safe to all of you, I gather....

I'm leery of read meet .... Ed thinks Stew Leonard's has free range chicken ---- what do you guys think about that?

And what is with recent comments!

Allan Folz said...

Leery of red meat? You recognize bison is red meat?

FWIW, I was surprised (and disappointed) to discover a lot (most?) of supermarket bison is finished on corn in feedlots same as steers.

So, ignoring the all the associated ethical issues, since it seems the problem at hand is improving Surfer's health, and skipping the deep dive on O6:O3 ratios vs. total consumption here would be my bottom line advice:

1) 70 or 80% lean ground beef cut with 10% liver
2) cut that with 50% other lard or butter (all of this cooked btw)
3) 1-2 teaspoons of fish oil (fermented cod liver if you can get some; any other unflavored, unrefined Carlsson's etc. if not)

That will put him into ketosis to cut weight, starve the tumors, and give him plenty of vitamins. In a couple months once his weight is down and the tumors are under control, swap out some of the meat & fat for non-grain starches like potatoes and rice. Eggs are good too. You might also work in some leafy greens like kale, chard, and cabbage. Kelp if you want to be really hard-core.

Also, I must say don't stress or think he must be eating from Whole Foods like an organic hippie prince or you're not doing it right. :-)

ChemProf said...

One thing, too, Catherine, is that there is a difference between a diet to prevent cancer and a diet to help avoid cancer. Cancers use a lot of glucose, so going into ketosis can starve the cancer and therefore shrink it. But you can't live in ketosis forever -- most of us have a lot of fat to burn but once it is burnt, you can actually starve in that mode. And if you are eating a vegan diet, I hope you are also taking B-12 (which is one of the biggest arguments against this being a natural diet. Unsupplemented, a vegan diet will absolutely kill you eventually).

But in any case, getting the sugar and grains out of Surfer's diet is his best bet.