kitchen table math, the sequel: inflammatory

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I'm thinking....I might have to have a talk with the principal about inflammatory language.

After all, he's had 3 talks with me on the subject. He has, in fact, "urged" me to be "constructive."

I'm thinking it's time to make the point that things like refusing to provide the answer key to a parent who is actually planning to use the eleven-dollar state test prep booklet the school has required her to buy are inflammatory.

They breed ill will.

They lead directly to bond proposals getting voted down and middle school models getting shot down.

I'm thinking that pointing this out in the least inflammatory, most congenial tone of voice I can possibly muster might be a very good idea.

But first, a shower and a glass of life-extending red wine.

That's bound to help.


Of course, it could be worse.

We could have had a 4-hour scale drawing to supervise.


state test coming right up (2006)
throwing money at the problem
more stuff only teachers can buy
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state test coming right up (2007)
help desk 2
my life and welcome to it
progress report
28 out of 30

all the answers are belong to us
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it would be unusual
2 weeks off
the return of Ms. K


Unknown said...


If the product is not a property of New York, then that's stupid.

If it's Triumph, give me 72 hours.
(sister company)

Catherine Johnson said...

oh gosh - thanks for the offer

I realized last night that what I'm really interested in is the CA test prep books, seeing as how they have the best standards.

Do you know a source for them?

(I'll check Triumph Learning, too.)

The Coach book (that's Triumph Learning).

Tex said...

Is there someone in your schools whose job description includes:

“Devise and enable implementation of all appropriate policies that will serve to impede learning, breed ill will among parents and encourage citizens to vote against budget proposals because of resultant frustration with said policies.”

If so, give that person a big raise!

Tex said...

Hope you enjoyed your life-extending wine, Catherine. We had a fine bottle with dinner last night here in lower Westchester.

Anonymous said...

I picture you like Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson (from The Closer) dealing with colleagues.

With a southern drawl. And oh so polite.

"Thank you so very much."