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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Moonbat Math!

Follow the link.


Doug Sundseth said...

Unless this is a clever comment on frustrating recursion, I think the link is not formed correctly.


Unknown said...

Perhaps this is the link?

Doug Sundseth said...

Now that's just cruel.

Well done.


Unknown said...

Sorry! Link is now fixed.

Catherine Johnson said...

Doug - I thought the same thing!

Catherine Johnson said...

except, uh, I didn't come up with the expression "frustrating recursion."

Catherine Johnson said...

My favorite line is:

"3" stands for three

Independent George said...

RWP - No disrespect intended, but I'm a bit underwhelmed.

I understand what you're trying to do - and I hope by now I've established that I do agree with your larger point - but I think this presentation plays directly into the the fuzzies' hands.

The first thing I thought about when watching the presentation wasn't math, but politics. A person who isn't already familiar with the ins & outs of the math wars might not realize you even have a point regarding math; it feels more like an attack on socialism than an argument for math.

When you make the focus of your argument the leftism instead of the lunacy, (1) you are implicitly endorsing their view that it's all about the politics, and (2) you are immediately picking a fight against 50% of your potential audience. (truthfully, your web moniker really doesn't help matters much, either).

Anonymous said...

hey george. i agree completely.
actually, i liked this link better
before it was "fixed".

here's hoping you're working on math poseur
even as i type ...