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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Paragraph Book

We discovered, this school year, that C. can't really write a sound, coherent paragraph.

So today I've ordered The Paragraph Book 1 (thanks to Susan S) & Arthur Whimbey's Analyze, Organize, Write: A Structured Program for Expository Writing (ISBN-10: 0805800824 & ISBN-13: 978-0805800821)

You can take a look at Analyze, Organize, Write on Google Books.


Anonymous said...

You may also check out this one:

"Jensen's Format Writing"

Anonymous said...

More Details on Jensen's Format Writing:

Section one works on single paragraph formats. Then in section two you’ll work on the elements of the five paragraph essay and different formats you can use. Book reports put the five paragraph formats to use in section three. Section four works on business writing, such as: business letters, letters of complaint, cover letters, political letters, and resume writing. In section five, you’ll work on the principle of condensation as you learn how to write in various lengths as you reduce, abridge, abbreviate, shorten, cut, compress, compact, or distill your work! Now you are ready to compose a major paper and all its components (title page, endnotes, appendix, bibliography, etc), as outlined in section six. Section seven contains all the check sheets and forms, tests, answer keys, and sample week-by-week schedules to help you organize deadlines for the longer, more detailed papers.

Catherine Johnson said...

wow - thanks!

I'll get this pulled up front ASAP.

So many good comments....

Catherine Johnson said...


"What John Saxon did for math, Frode Jensen does for English."

He's got my attention.