kitchen table math, the sequel: Vlorbik has a blog!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vlorbik has a blog!


Vlorbik has a blog!

Plus I see that he's been updating his old blog, which I thought was frozen....


Anonymous said...

hey. thanks for all the traffic.

the math-ed thing will probably
continue to get most of my
online attention but i'll keep up
the more-or-less unthememed one
for as long as i have the account
with ... entire weeks
without posts notwithstanding.

i'm hosting the carnival of math
in about a month, so i'd better
get busy making VME interesting ...

Catherine Johnson said...

Vlorbik, are you a member of ktm???

Anonymous said...

yep. even posted to the front page once.
but i try to avoid unnecessary logins
and so post as "anonymous"
pretty much everywhere i go.