kitchen table math, the sequel: cortical homunculus

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

cortical homunculus

image posted at Mind Hacks

This model shows what a man's body would look like if each part grew in proportion to the area of the cortex of the brain concerned with its sensory perception.
Natural History Museum

I'm reading Rodolfo Llinas' I of the Vortex.

The book is pretty spectacular, possibly life-altering.

First time I've ever felt queasy reading about neuroscience, though.

update from Mr. Person:


I'm feeling faint.

developing intelligence summary/review
Chris Chatham home page
interview with Rodolfo Llinas
recent publications
I of the Vortex (MIT Press)

The Future of the Brain by Steven Rose
On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins
Jeff Hawkins posts


Unknown said...

One of those things my first bio professor showed us as proof that, in fact, the lips are the most "sensitive" part of the body.

A more cartoonish image here.

Unknown said...

I'm off to write an activity that involves the lip modality of learning.

I'd better keep it at the middle school level.

Catherine Johnson said...


Independent George said...

Speaking of middle school, I'm having great difficulty restraining myself from making a series inappropriate jokes right now.

Catherine Johnson said...


you just reminded me!

C. hasn't seen this thing yet!

Catherine Johnson said...

ok, c. & his two chums just took a look at Mr. CH.

predictable response