kitchen table math, the sequel: Tested

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I've just discovered that the first chapter of Linda Persltein's new book Tested is posted online.

I read this chapter over breakfast one morning last week; I couldn't put the book down 'til I'd finished. It's the opening scene in the book, the scene in which the principal of Tyler Heights Elementary School is waiting for the state scores to arrive. The tension is ferocious.

When the envelope finally comes and the principal opens it and sees the scores, I cried.

That doesn't happen too often to me when I'm reading books about education policy.

Maybe it should happen, but it doesn't!


There's a very nice passage re: Saxon Math later on in the book.

Will post shortly.

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concernedCTparent said...

Wow! One more book to add to the list. I also found it interesting that David Simon, executive producer of HBO's “The Wire”, was the first to be listed in the reviews. I love the education story in "The Wire" and now the passion behind it makes so much sense. Can't wait to read it (and yes, I got watered up too!)