kitchen table math, the sequel: Information about Foerster's Calculus book

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Information about Foerster's Calculus book

I'd appreciate any information about Paul A. Foerster's Calculus Concepts and Applications book.


Catherine here - dropping into ec's post

Here's a link to calculus text recommendations at ktm-1. (This may be all of them, but if not I'll try to post the other links later.)

bonus: calculus advice from Rudbeckia Hirta.

Barry's calculus text recommendation.


Catherine Johnson said...

You know - I was looking at this book the other day, and I got the feeling that it's a bit of a reform book.

At least, that's the way it seemed to be billed.

Barry & Rudbeckia will know.

One more thing: I collected calculus recommendations on ktm-1 (I'll get the links) and I don't think anyone recommended Foerster.

Still, this is puzzling, because his Algebra 1 book is supposed to be so good (and IS good, IMO).

Catherine Johnson said...

The Foerster book is used for AP calculus, I think - ?

ec said...

My school district is adopting Foerster's Calculus text for their AP classes.

He's got such a fine reputation as a teacher, and his Algebra book gets rave reviews from Mathematically Correct, but his Calculus book is clearly reform math.

Still, when someone's as good as Foerster, I like to keep an open mind. I have a higher regard for intellectuals than for any particular mindset.

Anonymous said...

You might want to try the Larson 8th ed or the Finney books. Much more "user friendly" so to speak. I use Larson in my AP Calc (both AB and BC)but supplement from several others. Foerster has a supplement that goes with it called calculus explorations (and one for precal also) that are excellent.

Catherine Johnson said...

I love his Algebra 1. Haven't used it much (though I kind of wish I'd done Foerster Algebra 1 instead of Saxon...). But the one time I desperately needed help - had to teach function notation to crammery to C. - Foerster was PERFECT. My neighbor used the same lessons with her 8th grade son.