kitchen table math, the sequel: Why I love math

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Why I love math

Yesterday I was following a link mentioned here, etc. and ended up reading a great post written almost 10 years ago that captured why I love math. Here's the key quote:
That is why I have always liked math. Unlike false TV stereotypes, math is reasonable, honest, predictable and true. Girls need math, I always thought, because it is the only class that makes any sense, where results can be traced to their beginnings, and memorizing usually comes second to thinking. Other classes are OK, but only math gives you that payoff - and with programming and science it becomes a tool to make cool things that work.


Kim said...

As was stated by Lisa VanDamme in discussing student motivation, she noted that math helps teach logic and reasoning. Skills that every thinking person needs.

Catherine Johnson said...

oh that's beautiful!