kitchen table math, the sequel: home writing program in place, for now

Friday, July 27, 2007

home writing program in place, for now

The precision teaching folks have shown me the way....

the books I'm using:

I may shuffle things around once I'm finished reading William Kerrigan's Writing to the Point. The book's sole review on Amazon explains why:

Kerrigan and Metcalf provide a comprehensive and clear method for writing expository papers. Although geared for a college freshman writing class, using this text at the junior high and high school level could preclude its use in college. I have used this text with my gifted intermediate elementary school students with great success. The students love the straight forward approach to writing, and do not feel that their creativity has been hampered in the least. If you are having difficulty teaching written expression, check out this novel approach!

Buried treasure. The book is out of print; I would never have found it if not for my precision teaching quest, though the precision teaching folks don't seem to have heard of the book, either. I think I found it on a homeschooling listmania Amazon posted to the Why Johnny Can't Write page.

Speaking of which, Why Johnny Can't Write is (almost) an ur-text for writing the same way Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics is for Math.


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